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Vibrant and long-lasting colors 

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Vibrant and long-lasting colors

Keyra Color Chart

Keyracolors Color Chart

Keyracolors is a varied and optimized
Range of 72 shades chosen from the top colors of the moment, which stands out for its vibrant, luminous and long-lasting effect.

Keyracolors Tints

Permanent professional coloring with Keratin. Keyracolors Dye is a varied and optimized range of permanent cream color, offering vibrant and long-lasting colors, 100% guaranteed coverage, shine, softness and luminosity.

Keyracolors Peroxides Ox

The formulation of the KeyraOx Oxidizing Creams allows to obtain a homogeneous, smooth and adherent mixture that does not drip in different graduations.

Keyra Deco

Keyracolors Bleaching

Keyra’s non-volatile powder bleaching agents, in a blue color, that improve the tint and elimination of the yellow reflection typical of very light tones in bleached hair.

Keyracolors Shampoo

One of the basic and essential elements at the end of a technical staining or bleaching process is the PH Acid Shampoo.

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